About Us

 Tufan Plastic Factory under the management of Jalil Khadem Rezaeian was founded in 1361 and after having various ups and downs, it has increased its production level and has turned into one the famous brands throughout the country through supplying variety of products. And by obtaining different domestic licenses as well as ISO 9001 and 9009 from England for the quality management, the factory has increased the quality of its products to a satisfactory level. 

This factory manufactures different products such as variety of plastic bags (different types of garbage bags and freezer bags), aluminium foil, plastic wrap, disposable gloves, disposable tablecloth, and with qualified and skilled staff as well as a well-equipped laboratory markets its products with the highest quality. We have the honor of supplying goods for our dear countrymen for about 32 years. Besides, being aware of the great importance of export of manufactured products to other countries, we have been one of the first companies carrying out this vital and important duty. With great perseverance and determination in foreign marketing, we have been able to export our products to various countries such as Canada, Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan.   

We are hoping that the diligence of our management and our skilled staff as well as our countrymen's support help us to add new products to our product basket in near future and consequently satisfy our countrymen more than ever.